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 6 December 2019

Summer has definitely arrived in Gordon's Bay. Glorious hot summer days and cool evenings! The WindJammer Festival is starting on the 14th December. A FUNTastic kick-off to the summer season where our main street will be bustling with music, food, art, fun and people! Not to be missed.

We still have space available at Die BoHuis for December. Send me a message with the dates that you need and the amount of people, and I will see if we can accommodate you and put a package together specially for you.

28 November 2019

3 October 2019

We have been a bit quiet these last few days but it was busy times at Die BoHuis. We have made some changes. There has been a bit of confusion with regards the facilities when you book the “cottage” at die BoHuis. Just to explain the layout. 

Upstairs is the garage, entrance, guest toilet, kitchen, laundry, dining room, two lounges, patio and braai area. Downstairs are the 5 bedrooms. The one bedroom has its own separate entrance and a kitchenette. It has a fridge, microwave, kettle, nespresso machine and cutlery. And we put a webber braai outside the entrance. This is what has been referred to as Die BoHuis Cottage. The confusion on some of the booking sites has been that if you book this unit, you also have access to the facilities of the main house. So on some of the websites I have now separated the “cottage” out from the house. So if you want to book a 10 sleeper, the best suggestion is to book it directly through our website. Or you can book the 8 sleeper – as Die BoHuis, or the cottage is now called Ukubukwa so we can separate it out. Lets hope the confusion stops…. 

27 th August 2019 - 
Nice rainy day in Cape Town again today but I am a bit sad. We now had a few situations where people that came to stay at Die BoHuis did not respect our neighbors or the neighborhood. This is very upsetting. One of the big reasons why we started Die BoHuis was to give people the opportunity to experience the magnificent views and comfort of the house, without making it so expensive that you have to sell your grandchild to be able to afford it. But now it seems the general consensus is that it is a nice party place where people can come and get drunk and invite all their mates over for a singalong in the middle of the night!. It is so upsetting! The neighborhood is a nice, quiet place. But now all of sudden there are supped up cars revving there engines at all hours of the day and night upsetting the whole neighborhood and making even the guinea-fowl run for cover.
How do you prevent something like this?
You trust and believe in the goodness of people and think that they will have respect for their fellow man but it seems it is each man for himself and damn the rest.
So please may I ask – If you want to party – find somewhere else to go… If you want to have a nice time away from the hustle and bustle of city life and have spectacular views to boot… do not hesitate to book at Die BoHuis…. 

20 August 2019 - Some good news is that the current dam levels in the Western Cape Water supply system has risen to 81.7% as of today. This time last year the levels were at a low of 59.6%. The other good news is that the water usages has also dropped so it seems as if Cape Townians are taking the water savings to heart. 
It is one of the things that we always try to reiterate with our guests, to save water. It is a precious resource that we need to look after. 

14 August 2019 - From this weekend, Angela and Chris from Nana's Manna will be supplying Die BoHuis with their homemade biscottti. There will be a small taster to go with your morning coffee. And some boxes to purchase if you can't resist to have some more...

13 August 2019 - We have recently planted a new garden at Die BoHuis. Richard - the man with the green fingers, from Mountain Stream Nursery - suggested that we plant some Proteas - ok that is not strictly speaking true. I really really wanted Proteas to grow in our garden, so I asked Richard very nicely if he will plant them for us.
Two weeks later and we have some Protea buds... Aren't we lucky! 
If you ever in the need of amazing plants - please chat to them: