Die BoHuis

Where only the view is better than the comfort...



Die BoHuis was one of the first houses that were build on the Hottentots Hollands Mountains in the Mansfield area, Gordons Bay. It was build as a show house in 1996 and was purchased by Albie and Sienie Nagel. Laura spend many happy holidays in the house over many years. Albie passed away in 2015 and initially Sienie refused to leave the house but eventually the work just got too much for her and she realized that she needs to move. The house was purchased by Laura and her husband Mark, and Belgium friends of theirs who fell in love with the country when they came to visit the first time. 

The decision was made to allow other people to have the privilege of spending time in this beautiful house and enjoy the views that it has to offer. From Sunrises to Sunsets. Every day is spectacular at Die BoHuis! 

What the house looked like

Herewith some pictures of when the house was build and what the views looked like then. 


Your hosts are husband and wife Mark and Laura Minter, who is assisted by Mark's sister Angela and her partner Chris. 

We will not interfere in your stay, but we will be at hand for any assistance you might need. 

Contact details:

Laura 0832366504

Angela 084255831

Mark 0832366502

Chris 0829251672